Reviews for "Ode To The Fallen"

First heard this song on Pandemic: EOM and it's become one of my favorites ever since. It's the best song on Newgrounds, that's for certain.

Thank you

Pure evil has not a soul. I know why you wrote this. I'm somewhere in the middle; for that fact, I have a soul. Them? Their tears? Their forms? Their...sins? I don't know God anymore.

One word...Epic

You know what to make. This is a masterpiece, I keep hearing this in my head to challenging things(i.e. Chess against a better player.) Keep it up!

Gothic.... and don't forget epic.

I have always been a kind of goth.... i've always liked dark songs. this one is just too cool to let go of... This is now my 3rd themesong. lolz the other 2 are: omen of the demon and rise of the reaper.

Very cool

That songs remember me a old movie i seen the last year, very nice song man.