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Reviews for "Mother's Day Massacre"

"I respond to every reviev." Huh... *Writes*

I made this account years ago as a kid (still practically a kid though I guess) but I figured to comment here just to get a reply. Checked out all your work (well, gonna check out 2-3 I am missing after writing this) and I have to say, from all your work I love these wall-mart movies the most.

Your "main series" if you can call it that, Madseth, is good, but I prefer these ones and other "spin-offs" of yours for humor value.

I actually haven't checked those vampire books out, just heard tons of hate comments about them. Same with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber (and Rebecca Black(?), though that is unrelated to this movie.)

In short: Love the humor, it doesn't make me laugh but it does make me smile. Also have to love the reactions about Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga/Twilight books.
This one might have taken the cake.

I can't really figure out much to improve... of course you can always improve quality of animation etc. but I don't really see it too necessary, it's already good. :)

P.S: I do not see how MLP:FIM and this movie have anything in common. (Referring to comment from powerdude 964 few comments down from mine.) However, I like both. :D

Rapheus responds:

This, my friend, is the kind of review us animators live for. Let's dive in, eh?

I like the Wal-Mart ones too, they give me a chance to let humor take the driver's seat, with MadSeth, it's more of a passenger, but still there.

And my (now ex) GF wanted me to try reading them. I read the first paragraph of the first book then promptly went and washed my eyes out with bleach (not really, but I wanted to). And funnily enough, I had a dream that pre-freaky GaGa and I were trapped in an old foundry. She's not that bad, actually.

And thanks! I pretty much just do these for the fun of it, Hence the sometimes half-assed animating. I'm trying to get myself motivated for another one. Maybe Thanksgiving Massacre 2?

Yeah, I'm not a Brony, so I don't see a parallel either. Maybe that they're a pleasure to watch? IDK. But hey, thanks for this kick-awesome review! Hope to see you around for future uploads!

Pretty good.

Do you play half-life 2?

Rapheus responds:

Up, down, and all around, my good man!


good but i love final fantasy and hate justin biber why you listen to mum

Rapheus responds:

Gotta listen to your mom!

-At least on Mother's Day.

why didnt u kill anyone

oh and can u make a scene creator?!

Rapheus responds:

Wow you really want a scene creator, don't you?? I'll Google how to make one when I get around to it.

good but

seriously! i cant believe that you know how to make games and animations on newgrounds but you don't know how to make a scene creator. dosent everyone who knows how to make a game and a animation know how to make a scene creator?

Rapheus responds:

Don't know how to make games either. The second I see code I 'nope.jpg' and walk away.