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Reviews for "Mother's Day Massacre"

Nice flash!

LOL what a great day without killing anyone because it is great to support their Mother on Mother's Day.

Rapheus responds:

Thank you! See? Someone gets it!

Screw what your mom says

You'll never get this chance again!!!

Rapheus responds:

Ah, I'm sure they'll show up again.

she said you couldn't KILL them

She didn't say you couldn't incapacitate them. you also couldve shot the tv

Rapheus responds:

Yes, but to incapacitate Bieber but not finish him off? The temptation would be far too great for any man to handle.


not aloud to kill anyone what a bummer

Rapheus responds:

I should have gotten an achievement.

awsome dude

but where's the violence gone!!!!

Rapheus responds:

He's hanging out with his friend Gore down the street.