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Reviews for "Mother's Day Massacre"

funny, but need some fbf things

i understand your hate for justin booobie, but what do you have against lady gaga and final fantasy, they´re cool

Rapheus responds:

Lady GaGa: 'She' is a dude, 'she' is a complete attention whore, and 'she' is a rip-off of Madonna. Oh, and did I mention 'her' penis?

Final Fagasy: How many games are they on now, twenty? Isn't that quite enough? Oh, and don't even get me started on the effeminate 'male' characters that you can't even tell apart from the female characters.

Does that answer your question? :)

Too bad he couldn't kill anyone.....

I would've loved to see him go on his wal-mart killing spree. But his stupid mother just HAD to say "don't kill anyone today" T_T. If he just went and killed everybody anyway, then I would've given this a 10 for sure. But these types of animations you make just aren't the same without his killing at wal-mart! He especially should've just went for it when seeing Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber playing Final Fantasy. Good flash, 5/5 and 9/10, just please have him kill people like JB (if he's around) next time!!

Rapheus responds:

I hear ya, I hear ya. My mom always watches my animations, but looks away whenever someone dies (she's wierd like that) so I wanted to make an animation that she could watch the whole way through. Don't worry, I haven't put up the guns for good. >:)


funny staff.....

Rapheus responds:

Most of em are eediots.

But he could!

He could kill them! Lady Gaga and Justin Babyer arent People! theyre less than anybody!

Rapheus responds:

A very valid point!


Lady gaga has a nose And
Justin bieber wearing a bandage on his head

Rapheus responds:

Don't forget GaGa's massive man-bulge! And Bieber has a bandage cuz I shot him in 'Audie's St. Patrick's Day'.