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Reviews for "Mother's Day Massacre"

wait why is it called massacre if he doesnt kill anyone 0-0

Rapheus responds:

My holiday series has the suffix 'massacre' ever since I broke up with my ex. They used to be 'Audie's fill in the blank'.

oh no lock the doors o:

Rapheus responds:

Here come's the be-ponytailed menace!

aww i wanted to have fun with science/my gavity gun (what he was thinking when he tried to get da peanut butter)
lol good job
make some more funny stuff
5 stars

Rapheus responds:

Thanks man! I use the gravity gun in a later animation!

im so with him i fucking hate JB lady GG and final fantasy HE SO SHLOUD OF GONE LIKE Him:FUCK U MOM (shoots missle at all those people) MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! :3

Rapheus responds:

Looks like love for mom overrode hate for J.Biebs.

hank's teen years.
tricky was playing lady gaga
sanford was playing justin beiber
deimos was playing the (gassy) store clerk
and jesus was playing the teenager.
oh by the way hank was the mother.

Rapheus responds: