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Reviews for "Mother's Day Massacre"


he was a mama's boy! lol! this was really good! I really wanted him to kill them both!

Rapheus responds:

Me too! The sheer thought of not being able to kill them made my brain pop.

shorter than your usual but still funny

you always make me laf dood. if i was him i wodent be able to help my self to the uerg to kill them all. great vid

Rapheus responds:

The shortness can be attributed to the fact that I thought the dang thing up late Friday evening. I could have gone further with this, but meh, it was fun anyway. :D

I like it!

I like the images, sounds, music and humour. You get the build up of twitch and situation just fine.

You have the Madness style posters, which are a challenge to read, but you add some great expressions.

I couldn't imagine how a mothers day animation could be called this and still be an appropriate present, but it is. Only for mother.
"Don't kill anyone today" HAHAHA!


The most awesome movie I'v seen on this week :D

this was a cool animation

thats all i really have to say