Reviews for "Urban Wars"


Fun game, unique idea, but 1 major flaw...when the match is over and they have no troops left you automatically send out all your troops. And the fucking dumbass computer decides its going to be an asshole and call the cops causing my computer to have a stroke and go slow as fuck until they make it to the house. Fix that and this game would be one of the best.

Pretty good game.

I only wish that the music for each group was longer. Also the fighting can get boring after a while.


Pretty cool. Luv the Goth girls ^,,^

The Curve.

A pretty harsh difficulty curve for a glorified Rock-Paper-Scissors game. I was about 5 rounds in when it flipped from Multi-Tasking Row fun to me getting swarmed. And that's after having near perfect rounds, and upgrading logically. Otherwise, I was actually getting into it, simplistic as it was. Good show, tho.


I liked the concept of territory vs. territory but I wish that the 'battle' itself was a little different. I got bored in just the first one. I was hoping for more role playing decisions and I suppose just a different concept verses the whole watch the battle basically situation.