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Reviews for "Urban Wars"


I really like this game, GOES TO FAVORITES !

Fun game with frustrating bugs.

I like this game-- I like this game a lot, and I think that's the only reason I've been continuing to try and play it with the super frustrating bugs that keep cropping up. The two most annoying bugs are as follows:
-When I pause the game, the pause screen comes up, but the enemy gang continues sending soldiers out-- basically, it doesn't pause anything at all, it just blocks my view and ability to send anything out.
-The game keeps freaking out and crashing when there are a lot of units on the field.
I want to give this game a much higher score-- I do, because I enjoy it when it's not freaking out-- but the inability to pause functionally and the habitual freezing and crashing degrade from the playing experience significantly.

Not bad

But, overall, far from great.

First: Graphically, it was good, and the sound, overall, was good too. The map screen could use some work, I think, but that may just be me- it felt like it wasn't quite finished, compared to the battle screen. The battle screen seemed pretty well done, overall, so I can't complain there.

In terms of gameplay, it's a pretty basic take on the type- something we've seen before plenty of times in games. The rock-paper-scissors deal is interesting, but, again, nothing new or particularly original. The store is basic, power, life, spawntime, plus some base upgrades and superweapon numbers- again, nothing new, or original there.

The spawn limit turns it into a pretty basic game of attrition, just let the hostile spawn counter run down, then you win. For some reason, the AI will always use a cops superweapon there- not that it does a bit of good, but whatever.

I have to say that, in general, this feels more like an independent game, or one from a new guy, not one from a pretty well-established group. it feels... i don't know. unfinished seems to fit.

I'm going to give it a 5/10- again, graphically, it was fine, and in terms of sound, it was fine. Gameplay wise, though, it was, as I've said, just too basic.

It coulda been good

The main problem I have with this game is when you win a fight. You set it up so that all remaining guys leave the base and rush what's left of the enemy base for some screwed up reason. You shouldn't have done that, because it overloads the flash plug-in and causes it to crash, even on low quality settings, so I can't get beyound the third fight because of a massive amount of units storming the field.
My suggestion is that you change it so only ten at the most so the game doesn't freeze up.
It's hard to enjoy the game when you can't get past the third or fourth level.


If other gangs would attack each other.If you could increase in numbers fast.If it could say how much power one gang has.I find this very hard when I have 30 people and they have 45.I gave it a 0 since I found this a bit to stupid that you couldn't put in the game.