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Reviews for "Urban Wars"

Swing and a miss

Could've been somethin' good man. Different music genres fighting each other as gangs is AWESOME! However, the game play is just a strategy Rock paper scissors that I have definitely seen before. I'd have been more lenient to this is the little guys you use actually looked like whichever side you chose but they all look the same. Kind of a shame.


It's impossible, the hippies always kills me, when I upgrade, they upgrade... and they're at a higher level... how the hell can I beat them?
The graphics was okay, but the gameplay was a little bit buggy!

issues dude issues

i really liked the game but in only five minutes i found a really big bug in it. the game froze up my computer by me having bought the increased people upgrade and i played the next round and i beat all there people and all my guys came out and i had atleast 70 people left and they called the police and all my people ran back and it lagged and then froze. other than that bug it was really good and i hope u can get that fixed :) i would really like to play this again.


Both sides ran out of people...and the game just sat there. I had 50 health and they had 9. I couldnt do anything. So fix it.

very nice game

I love the music i wish i could download it.