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Reviews for "Urban Wars"

It is good, but has a flaw...

First of all i like the concept of this game and it is has been made very well. But the actions are too limited and you haven't thought about it when you and your enemy units deplete and both have life left. Because then the game options are depleted...

Keep up the nice work! :)

great game wont vote down

i was a bit offended by some of the stuff like the crying for the emo power up because i am emotional and i do cry. but i liked it i wont vote the game down for one thingi found wrong with it.
good job though.

beat the game with emos only using the women with 11 power 12hp and 1sec spawn rate haha XD


The game is cool and the songs that play during the part where u choose a character is better, but do the songs have names? becuz i want to download it onto my ipod

Balance Issue, but good

Getting the lvl 3 cooldown is too imbalanced. After getting that, all I had to do was spam one unit and they'd eventually manage to hit the enemy base and nuke its hp down to zero.

Make that either more expensive, or more counter-able. Considering the computers never get the 0.5s cooldown (or at least for as long as I was playing it..) it becomes a completely unfair advantage that no matter how upgraded their units become, you can beat them down with sheer numbers. This also breaks the RPS system you've put into place, as I can just simple spam more units which will eventually overcome *any* obstacle.

Interesting concept, though, and I like the implementation.

Game seems to cheat?

It seems like when I get close to beating one of the other clans that suddenly they have this amazing ability to instantly create guys even though their creation speed is the same as mine? This guaranteed a loss as I could not produce units to counter theirs as I was held to the cool down time. This makes the game unplayable. An unplayable game isn't really a game now is it?

Music was decent but got annoying after a while, graphics sometimes made it hard to tell if someone was a small guy or a girl. This needs considerable more testing before it is ready for submission.