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Reviews for "Urban Wars"


Good game, I enjoyed it for longer than some games do. However it got to me that in the end whoever won came down to who ran out of men first, not skill of any kind really.


man this game has such a huge lag...when all your troups attack the adobe flash player just chrases and you lose the gameX(...please fixX(

@ iluvtto69

You have to refresh the page, same thing happened to me. Has a couple of bugs, one of them freezes the game completely for 15 seconds. Doesn't ruin the game, but it should be fixed. Other than that its a fun game, very repetitive, but fun. Also the "10 Girls Hippy Killed" And "100 Earned Money " Medals don't work. The only thing I have a problem with is the amount of money you get after a fight...I think you should receive more.

too many bugs

both the amount of units (human resources) and the health of the base never increase...i upgraded both several times and it takes your money but doesnt increase...which makes it really hard to win

Good for the first hour.

I like the graphics, the game is easy to learn, and it plays well. However, I've reached a point in the game where I can no longer win battles. Each of the other factions has either upgraded all of their units higher than mine, or they have a single unit that is so powerful it breaks the trinity of this-unit-is-better-than-this-unit.
If I earned more money for each battle so I could upgrade more, then I might have a chance. But I'm no longer gaining territory, and I keep losing the territory I have.
Please fix! This is a great game, but it doesn't seem to be perfect just yet.