Reviews for "Age of Defense 4"

good game

i like how you can make your army your way


The first was ok, no. 2 looked the same, though with better graphics and a slightly better gameplay. No. 3 was the completely same as no. 2 just with a different set of bg and unit looks. What have been for all of them is quite massive bugging, and usually you use a next "episode" of a game series to improve graphics, bugs and so on... You don't just, as there is here, mass produce crap in order make good games... Make more improvements, and have patience in when to spit out a new game, it pays off.


Its a good game.But it still need a lot of work.

Needs lots of improvement

I didnt like that all the good troops had so much bugs and also that how overpowered some things were, well lest just shortly say: ''guns''

-soldiers cause enemies to somewhy fly upwards and then disappear
-dino riders skill migh cause them to stuck so they fly at an amazing speed to enemy base, but when they arrive the game counts them ''dead''
-ogre might go to the ''basement'' (disappear by falling out of world)
-shooting an enemy to the death can cause any sound to come

also the waterflame song in this game was good, but the loop is just too much! if you play this game entirely at a single time, your head will explode!

Good game

However, still some major bugs in it. In some cases, the computer would spawn 30 enemies in the span of 10 seconds while the Prada would go into the negative digits. Makes getting past certain stages much harder than necessary. Nice work though.