Reviews for "Age of Defense 4"

Very boring, Repetitive. Grind-tastic.

Grind. Repetitive, uninteresting actions.

I got bored to tears within 15 seconds of playing the first level. Just either defend for all eternity.. of click the basic troop again and again and again and again (ect).

Progression? More of the same! Grind, repeat.

So (not) exciting.

I didnt find it fun in any way at all. Its just "age of war" with a twist that doesnt add anything significantly fun to it.


yay you passed judgement good game to and not to be a show off i was one of the people that sended a good review of the game wich saved your butt well i hope the review did somthing good to save the game oh heres a 10 good job

could have been better

ok yes i see that you did make a unlocking tree good for you now if you want an actual unlocking tree have bifent units on each one

Age of War

So similar to age of war, I'm surprised this passed judgement
OK Game.

A few glitches here and there

But overall, a good game. Unfortunately, just as soon as you released your earlier versions of this game, just as quickly people used it as a base for their own game. Ruining it and fucking the shit out of it