Reviews for "Age of Defense 4"

Good, but buggy and needs improvement

The game, in general, is fun for the first 10-15 minutes, than it just becomes repetitive and not challenging. I couldn't bring my to complete it because it was too easy. I just kept spamming bomber jets and shot every airborne unit down with a bazooka. It worked every level, but even than every level seemed to be painstakingly long.

The graphics of the units are well done, although even there seem to be bugs.

I'd say;
- Ramp up the challenge/balance the game
- Fix dozens of bugs (too many to list, but I'm sure you're aware of them)
- Exponentially increase the resources gained after every level
- Give players something to do with excess character points
- Nerf the guns, as they're way too powerful (except for the lasergun, that thing was useless)
- Give better gfx feedback on the players weapon - how long the cooldown is when he's offscreen, change the mouse pointer into an aiming target - produce a projectile when a gun is shot

To be quite honest, this looks more like an alpha version of a great game, however, it still was entertaining.

could be better

you should still receive points even if you loose because if we can't earn points from failures then we'll be stuck in that level

4 Syllables

You may want to maintain your style (that's what I think) But make it interesting. Can you go beyond spamming mania? It's too boring playing the same old game that you've release years ago. Exactly the same game with different title, that's all it is.

I think... i dont know

I can swear i heard the title music in an old Spyro the Dragon game.

Awesome, but buggy

Wow, I just spent a whole day playing this game :D

While this was an improvement over the previous games in the series, I found that many bugs occured (Firefox 4, latest flash).

Every unit after modern-era machine-gunman produced some weird effects, some fixed after upgrading, some not. Those effects could range between mortar-man shooting inappropriate bullets that killed both my and their units, and enemies floating away due to machine gun fire (?!). Also, at some point, you simply cannot build more units if you have many spaceship, and the enemy stops building? And at the end, the final score does not appear.

But the bugs could be worked around by the fact that you DON'T NEED ANY of the units except:
-Hydra (upgraded)
-Bomber jet (upgraded or not)
-Spaceship (not upgraded)(if upgraded, just a couple, then spam the other 2)

With these, and at least the sniper rifle, you WILL win everything, by just spamming 1 kind and killing with your rifle, you'll never lose a life. If you have choice between the hydra and the jet, sometimes one is better than the other.

Rant: why the hell is the final upgrade to the best unit in the game to NOT be able to use that unit to win???? (spaceship just turns around when it arrives at the enemy base)