Reviews for "Age of Defense 4"

You again!

The same game with a small modification doesn't make a new one! Age of Defense 5 will be the same of Age of Defense 4 with different colored rocks?

Should be called Age of Defense 3 1/2

Cool, but worse than the previous AoD games. Except for AoD 3 which is almost exactly the same. The graphics and music are great once more, but the gameplay could need some improvement.
The main thing with this is that it lacks some strategy. You and the computer both send out soldiers over and over again, and the rock can be thrown not too far away. The first two levels are really easy, then it suddenly gets real hard.
I like the way there are different types of soldiers, and their skills, yet these don't seem to make evey unit and skill unique and usefull enough, compared to another unit.
The worst part of this game is in my opinion the prada system (weird name btw) which simply charges itself, fast and equally to the oppononent's prada, which makes it completely redundant.

I overal, good game, but for the next sequel you might want to add some new things or really improve some elements, instead of doing the opposite. Amaze me like you did with the first AoD!!!! ;)

It's not just clicking to throw boulders. There are soldiers, and you can also unlock or buy soldiers, upgrades etc. after every level.

To win a level, you must let a number of soldiers get into the opponent's building. At the left top part of the screen it says something like 'defense 5/5' which means it takes 5 soldiers that have to breach, to win.

Mind-numbingly repetitive gameplay.

I've got to be honest, the gameplay was so repetitive, i got bored after about 2 minutes. Click, let go, Click let go, click let go. The music was boring, thankfully there was the ability to turn it off. But the graphics were good, the sound effects could do with a little improvement.

Not your best

This game was fairly decent, but it was far from the best in the series. The main fault with this is that after awhile you do realize that you're basically just destroying the same enemies over and over. How many kills do you have to get to actually advance to Level 2? It's at least good because it has nice graphics. It's especially satisfying to see the cavemen get hit on the head over and over. I was thinking that maybe the enemies were coming from some base you had to destroy, but they were not.

The controls are nice as well and are not the least bit complicated. I just would have liked some more variety. It's still nice to play because it has the same addictiveness that made the other games so playable. You do get a lot of good oppurtunities to hit your enemies. Hey, when you hit pause and change the volume, you automatically control your character (even though he doesn't actually hit anybody).


Like the first 1 way bettter