Reviews for "Age of Defense 4"

Cool game!

It's an awesome defence game!It has lots of levels,uprages,units and cool music!;D I can't get very easy through level 5 tought,but it's awesome!:D

Awesome BUT

The laser gun is utterly useless. I got it by level 18... and its range completely destroys the point of it. Other than that, so far I love the game. Great job. And for the players, save your points and get a gun and the dragon as soon as possible, use the guns to pick off anything in the way and your dragons fly to victory.

great game

this game is challanging and addicting... i had trouble getting past level 5. it is fast paced and exciting. it was a little hard, but that added to the fun. the graphics were good. ive seen many games like this before, but this is one of my favorites

I loved this

Its very very good, seems a bit like any other stratagy defence game, but still had me hooked into it untill the end