Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."

Amazing game

You made me want to master the game and get all the medals. Kudos


Okay the last game was fine. But you didn't have to put a time limit when certian people can't get that one medal "complete challenge mode less than 15 minutes"! I cannot do.

it was really good except..

when i was playing there were minor bugs in it. Occasionally when i acquired a piece of KOLM (such as the duck and move part) it would stay like that even if i wasnt pressing anything >> also the gray platforms sometimes dont even serve as platforms. Half the time ill jump on them and fall right through :| as much as i love KOLM these bugs pissed me off a little bit

very amazing game.

i loved it so much, i love the graphic style of the levels and the design of the little robot, the gameplay is well balanced.

AWESOME WORK brother, keep it up :)


Kind Of Like Metroid In A Minute. :3