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Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."

Played it once, and now...

I seem to have a loading glitch. Been loading for 15 minutes now...

Would give you more, but this glitch sucks :c

Excellent Spin-off!

Really good game. Even though I'd rather K.O.L.M, this one is really good! It doesn't have that climate of love/betrayal from Mother, it is a good challenge to play, and improve yourself in the game.

It has a great gameplay, principally when getting Double/Triple Jump. It gets really... hmm... swift. Also, the music continues great, and epic.

Well, it's a spin-off, and it is a great game, if compared to spin-off games.
On the wait for K.O.L.M 2!

Mother Aproves this game

Only thing I could think of to make this better was a mode without a time limit.

Good for you! Don't listen to the retards!



Please do not spam the hate button. "Ohh, this is sooooo crappuy compared to the first one!" It is a minigame compilation! I'm glad he made one, because newgrounds was starting to look like one big R-rated cock joke without something like K.O.L.M. on the front of the box.

PS @CrazedRabbit: Your problem is your computer. Update flash. Or Re-Install. Don't just give a fine game a zero because your to stupid to check your flash player.



i click play and nothing happens.