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Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."


Probably on of the best games i have ever played on Newgrounds!!!

Awesome Game!

Thanks for disappointing

Fun & Fast

I loved your K.O.L.M game and this was a neat spinoff game of it having to do it in a speed run sense,it's not too difficult but the control was as good as ever and i have lots of fun with this game also i'm ecstatic to hear that there will be a K.O.L.M 2. :D


I suggest removing the waiting on the start of every level.
"Arrow keys to move" and "You have one minute to finish" are things that we know after you tell us once..and yet you make us wait.

Another thing is that you made a lot of medals,they are almost all the same.
Youd rather put a medal with 25 points and entitled "Finish level 15" rather than many other ones.
Probably theres a why for many medals though.

interesting. all of it was pretty good

some levels u HAVE to play multiple times to understand it. ps if ur making a bottomless pit again have it so u can die then restart... ive been falling all over and over cuz i blew up in the middle of a jump. good game though