Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."

interesting. all of it was pretty good

some levels u HAVE to play multiple times to understand it. ps if ur making a bottomless pit again have it so u can die then restart... ive been falling all over and over cuz i blew up in the middle of a jump. good game though

not as good

I loved the original KOLM. but this just doesn't live up to those standards. I think the best part of the original was the plot, with the commentary from his "mother" and whatnot. the game itself is not as interesting if you take that away.


I FINSIHED THE WHOLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!.....till level 20.
AWSOME game.
very nice and interactive atmosphere.nice texture to suit almost all computers.
You took care about little things also....
and the music was very engrossing. was not bored at all.
Thanking You
Pratik Garg

Simple yet elegant

Love it great job

GlaDos :3

that was the impression for the first one, actually