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Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."


Kind Of Like Metroid In A Minute. :3

Great game

But I found it kind of easy, except 2 levels that I had to repeat. Also, the challenge mode, I got it in 13 min on my first try.

But still great game, was real fun.

Can't wait till K.O.L.M. sequel

A welcomed change to the original K.O.L.M.

By reducing one enormous quest down to multiple timed levels, I.A.M. keeps the player on his toes (or fingers, literally) the whole time. Fresh challenges come every minute without long stretches of backtracking.

Other than the time constraints and small levels, I.A.M brings back everything I love about K.O.L.M: clever puzzles (levels to navigated multiple times in different ways, depending on your power-ups), smooth controls (have to love the triple jump), and a futuristic, melancholy yet fast-paced soundtrack. Also, the tilting camera view of the level is a nice touch.

Looking forward to the K.O.L.M sequel.


this game is truly spectacular and a great "sequel" to K.O.L.M. and something completely fresh from the first one, it's completely satisfying and has an excellent ending

funny game

At least it's something different than the most games. In a good way i mean.
ow and, I passed level 17 with the retry button lol. No idea how that worked. I guess when you retry the level it explodes in little pieces , one of the pieces went thru a wall and must have hit the main object. Easy win!