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Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."


Dude I Have finished only a 1/3 from the game but its soo hard thats why im giving you 10! Hard games makes the player more intrested in game, So this is one of the best game made!

P.S Those who dislike this game go play the first part K.O.L.M and learn to lpay this game ;)

Real Good XD

@candalas, don't rate it low because your web browser isnt good enough to play it
P.S. Rly cant wait till K.O.L.M. 2 or whatever you are planning on calling it

This stopped being fun in Chamber 18.

Seriously, the gap to get the lvl 2 plasma gun on level 18 could stand to be bigger.

damn i really liked it

i love this kind of game, you can really compete with your friends over this.
i got though all the levels just fine but it was hard enough to keep me enjoyed. i got the challenge in 15:17 on the first run, i guess ill go for that other medal in the near future :)

Glitch on lv 5

I got to the part where you have to duck and get that part, and i slid half way to it and then i fell though the floor and its stuck me on a loop of falling though camera 4 and camera 0