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Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."

Great game, but glitches ruin it

I loved the concept, fantastic game, however, about 7min into my challenge run, more than halfway done with the damn thing, the game glitched and the cameras went berserk, rendering me unable to finish the challenge while the time kept running. Make sure your games are glitch free before submitting


I absolutely love the art for this game! -1 because the gameplay is a little to grindy for me. But I love the look and the music, everything.

it was okay

it was alright but it was repetative as hell

Really fun game!

Level 14 can go fuck itself though =D

Still, fun game, you're awesome.


my face was glued to the screen.... i hate the one level where u have to sit for like 45 of the 60 seconds ur given in that damned conveiter belt