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Reviews for "Dino Run:Marathon Of Doom"


This game is far more challenging than the last one which makes it more fun for me. THe hardest obstacle would have to be the really tall-ass hills. It would take a lot from your "doom meter." It kinda lags also from time to time. Other than that, this game pretty much improved than your last one. Keep it up! :P

The only way to avoid the end of the world

is to run away from it, again.

This game brings me back, even though it's just been a couple of years.


I would give this a ten but the fact that molten boulders can come right at you from the opposite directon of the doom wave down a hill youre going up is retarded.

uber pro

just found about u r dino run and as for this game, but more this game, the concept is really cool. and the animation of extinction is really cool also. nice highscore game.

i dont get it

i play like two minutes ... then a big hill ... i slow down.... EXTINCT!!!
if thats it, it sucks! if theres a clue anywhere... prob i suck ....

didnt get the first one, neither this one .... sorry bro but nothing i would play twice :|