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Reviews for "Dino Run:Marathon Of Doom"

Made it!!!

My record is 110920....damn that was difficult. All those Triceratops' running around and comets flying everywhere almost killed me toward the end, but managed to survive with 7 seconds to spare.


It's good that the series is brought alive again,but it's not as fun as the other Dino Run games.

I've always loved Dino Run...

My final score of 52570 is not impressive considering i was on tis game for LITERALLY hours. It's so tempting to buy SE because the Dino Run series is great,the art style, EVERYTHING!

I remember i used to come into school and me and my buddies would play this for hours.

Anyway, great game! Please create more Dino Run's because they are the best flash games around. Keep it up!

I Finally made it!

with a final score of 98660. Never again.
Great game man I'm a fan of dino run so i thought I'd give this one a go
i got far the first time until i got jumped by boulders twice or i fell in a hole i could not get out of or... you get the picture. For some reason i was reminded of
eyeshield 21 because of this crazy speed i got which made the doom at thing to be
10100 for like 20 sec.
Again great game, good music just really hard.


Great to see the old game revived