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Reviews for "Dino Run:Marathon Of Doom"

Fuck yea, more Dino Run

I got Dino Run on my dashboard so naturally I bought SE a few seconds ago.
That'll be a lot of fun during boring college hours. Thanks Pixeljam!

Also, there's a typo in the advertisement at the title screen, it says "verison" you might want to fix that.

pixeljamgames responds:

oh SNAP! thanks for noticing that. that's what i get for editing the file right before sleep :)


I remember last Dino Run....awesome game... I'll buy the new version only for helping Pixel Jam...GREAT WORK! :D


Now i know the reason for for velociraptor extinction!!!!!!! THOSE FAT LAZY DUMBASS STEGOZAURS!!!! Nice game anyways

not as good

its because you only have 1 live and if a boulder gets in front of you you're pretty much screwed especially when the dino with spikes are in front of you too because you have to go back run forward and jump

you can't escape from death

what the....