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Reviews for "Dino Run:Marathon Of Doom"

that was epic

i love it epic! really cute graphics and just a very fun very original game, god job!

I would like to buy this however...

I already beat the first one 100%, so will my file information be transfered over?

Also I dislike credit cards, however I can ask a friend if he'll use his to purchase the game, if done in this manner can I use the code given his computer once I get home on my computer?

Anyway this game is great, it's one insanely tough level, although for all the right reasons (fair, and balanced difficulty).

I love the simple graphics, wonderful concept, easy yet deep game mechanics, and tight controls.

Truly nostalgia at it's finest!
- Celx

pixeljamgames responds:

Yeah, if someone else buys it, have them forward you the email with the links to the game. That will work. Thanks!

Do not play if you have high blood pressure

Challenging is an understatement

A Section From: Life of a Fleeing Dinosaur...

I can smell the end of the level. I am close to beating the high score. I hear impending doom behind me. I'm 30 feet away from the end. A Stegosaurus jumps in the way out of nowhere.


loves it as much as i loved the original