Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"


awesome animations, ace audio, and completable challenges... good game XD

Striking resemblance

between this and Phage Wars, just with the added tentacle mechanics. Overall, I'd have to say great game - good animations/graphics for what they are, surprising amount of potential tactics for just tentacle control.

My biggest issue is not the level difficulties like some; I think they're fine - just very strangely ordered. I half wonder to myself if you even tested your own levels, seriously.
1-9 are easy enough you barely have to think, then all of a sudden 10 can be a trainwreck. Then you basically trade off between easy and sorta intermediate back and forth up until 19 where you're /headdesk'ing again, and then what do you get after FINALLY defeating the reds in 19, and you're prepared for the fight of your life? Lvl 20, which you can steamroll.

Either way, still pleasantly surprised with this; very well made. Just make sure if you're gonna push the difficulty up there, you put the levels in ascending order. 4/5, 7/10.

this so addicting

i mean ever time i lose i just get upset but for some reason i don't want to give..... please make more of these i mean wooowww

good work

The only reason i didnt gave you a 10 is the lack of challenge. As long as you're fast enought to cut tentacles , you cant fail a level more than once or twice.

That was intense!

I was transfixed for ages, it's probably been an hour since I started. Near the end I was actually shouting ''I CAN'T LOOK.'' because I was getting so into it xD lovely simple graphics, nice audio, everything is fantastic. Such a simple yet addictive game. Full marks for you!