Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

One of the best flash games I have ever played.

This is how a good flash game should look like. I just want more of the same. Even just new levels would make a good new game. With some new features it may become a bomb.

Well that was awesome

Leave it to a game about tentacles called "The Purple Menace" to draw my attention....
This is so addicting, it caused my left eye to burst a blood vessel when I got pissed off at this one level I couldn't beat.... at least until I beat it. It was awesome. Also, it reminded me of the inside of this glass I was drinking out of one time.... oddly.It was.... it was pretty awesome. I love how the editor lets you play this game any way you can think of, among the 20 levels which already test the main angles of what you can do with it. That's so awesome, it's just..... it's awesome. :]


I played both of these games. It's way to awesome to pass up. Both of them are favorited, and I just can't play them enough.

Good mechanics

I like the controls, and I think that any future works should have the possibility of maybe "allied" tentacles?
Almost like a 2v2, but you and a computer against another 2 computers.


A very addictive game. I will certainly be looking for more from you and also look for some more levels to this.