Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"


Just as the 1st Tentacle one, this one rocked too... Purple tentacles had really nice AI, nice job.
Im sure you can come up with different ideas, this game can be expanded in too many ways. How about some more brain screwing theme hmm? Im not asking for harder missions, just additions to gameplay which require tactics.
Different cell types or I dont know, you are the maker, think of something.



doesnt work on my com. but i'm sure you will fix it soon so i give u a 10/10 score on the hope that u can fix it

doesent work on my computer

but i played it on another computer and beat the game

Nice and easy

This game is nice and makes you think.
Next time make it harder


i got same lag as kingofhell44. but its not black it looks like a background, but nothing happening.

So u should check it and pls tell what was that.

u got 10 cause i hope u could fix it.

P.S. "i liked the tentacle wars one"