Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

awesome game

i won the game and i got 5th on the ranking

MrRandomist responds:

lucky you! thanks for the 10.


Number 6 top score of all time on my first try? 48800 lolz

MrRandomist responds:

wow! well done non the less....

easy but really cool

Man, good work :D

it's really easy but i liked it so much so grab this 10 for ur work :)


MrRandomist responds:

thanks for the 10!

ohhh man!

i like the evolution but i want the evolution more and the graphics too i dont have a good eye so it's to weird....but still ten because the evolution features!!!!!!!!!!

MrRandomist responds:

thanks glad you like the evolution bit!

Pretty Damn Good.

I liked the Art style, as well as the Idea. It was actually sort of addicting.

Well Done.

PS: I love your choice in music.


MrRandomist responds:

thanks we try to create it as atmospheric as possible ;) and im glad you thought it was addicting!