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Reviews for "Dead Space Two"


yeah 2 armed guys my only weakness lol... also that hit "A" button got me on the start I was being eaten by necromorphs and I didnt kn I had to press it. XD...
Could have more things like the "detour" on the medical bay inside the "reformed Ushimura" or how idiot are the guys who built the new giant marker were thinking "hey we can control this thing lets build to see what happens and after this one we can build a hundred no a thousand and ship it back to earth after all there is so much we can learn through a ressurecting thing that turns human in monsters :D"

Minus some points for some lying.

I kind of liked the humor part. I beat Dead Space 2 myself today.

However, I don't think you beat the game on hardcore mode the way you say you did. It's impossible. So, sans some points for you.

Generic review statement!

Hilarious plot summary. Could have been longer, though.


Kinda funny! Needs more work overall. Sounds/graphics/animation..!

not bad

yo it aint too bad