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Reviews for "Dead Space Two"

hahahahahahahahahahahaha funny!! hahahahah you rule man!!! This movie is very very very very very good! hahahaha i can't stop laughing!!!!

One of the funniest flash animations I have ever seen. You summed up the entire story, well--most of it--in a nutshell while adding humor to it. Thank you, you are awesome.

Quick thing to note if you plan to make any more, make sure the volume is at an appropriate level. I heard small instances of crackling. Only nitpicky though, the rest was very original. :)


This is really good. I can't really understand why, but due to the amount of times I had to play through that game the jokes just seemed funnier when someone else said them. Also, everyone knows that you can't beat dead space 2 without weapons, mostly due to boss battles, as well as the fact that you are forced to use a health pack at the start of the game. Still, this is a very interesting video.

this was ok...
and i dont believe the description for one second because when you face nicole (final boss) if you get to close to her you die with no way to escape and you have to start the boss battle over, anjd when you shoot her enough the yellow infected heart appears and it's impossible to hit it without shooting with a gun (or the foam finger) you have to shoot it, it's impossible to swing at it because it's off of the platform you're you're walking on, you're unable to go anywhere near it