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Reviews for "Dead Space Two"

Not bad I liked it.

It was quite funny, animation was a little quirky but I think that helped with the humor. You did a good job, maybe a little bit more content? that would be nice.


Kinda funny! Needs more work overall. Sounds/graphics/animation..!


Art and animation were cute.

Good dead space 2 summary

Your description is lies though.
I don't believe for a second you beat the game on impossible mode
under such conditions.
Unless you left out the fact that you used the foam finger..
At which you're a bastard for having such luxuries :P
I only need one more achievment and of course, its beating the game on impossible mode. FML -_-

it's okay

i read the desription, yeah that would be hard, but this one time i played hardcore i didn't die until chapter 14, cuz of that i thought my saves on chapters 6 & 10 were totally useless. AT LEAST I HAVE THE GODDAMN FOAM FINGER!