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Reviews for "Dead Space Two"

Good dead space 2 summary

Your description is lies though.
I don't believe for a second you beat the game on impossible mode
under such conditions.
Unless you left out the fact that you used the foam finger..
At which you're a bastard for having such luxuries :P
I only need one more achievment and of course, its beating the game on impossible mode. FML -_-

Spot on!

That my friend. IS dead space 2 in A nut shell XD

However only thing needid is a bit of tweeking with the animations. Over all. love it. though... if i remember correctly didn't issac have a gun when he got to that part? I think he did, it's just that they grabbed him. I need to play it again. It's still freakin accurate XD

I'm gonna need to see proof on the no weapons part

Your flash was pretty funny, animation could use some touching up but nothing to much to complain about. A great d space two falsh animation. If you have played the game you should seriously watch it.

P.S, If you didn't use any weapons, how did you survive the tormentor, the tripod in the church and the train brute? I don't recall any TK weapons being available for the first two.

i liek that

whered you get the dieng audio?

nicole that hurts!

wow, two unarmed guys! Seriously though, Issac should not have talked at all in #2, also no memorable moments in the whole thing, each room was forgettable except when "WOW" you just brought back the Ishimura.... also, did you actually feel like you went anywhere? I mean the whole space station and it all looked the same?... well great job to you sir, 10/10, 3/10 EA