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Reviews for "Dead Space Two"

If you didm then well done good sirs!

Well made and true (about the unarmed guards that is)(and Daina)

I did find it kinda of funny when the 100 armed guards just let you walk around the base... and turn off the power. Yeah, let's let a potentially insane Engineer run around the place, while thousands of Necromorphs converge on our position. :P


Art and animation were cute.

Please reply

Why does our good friend Issac sound like a drugged up hippie?


So, like, I'm making this review, okay, on, like, this video? Well anyways I thought it was pretty good for the most part, but, like, it had, like, animation issues? Anyways, I hope you make, like, another!

XD haha

Awesome, I laughed through the whole thing. It's be nice if it was longer but this is good :)