Reviews for "Drake And The Wizards"


only move the dragon.. thats a enough reason to close the game immediately.

cool game

this is a good game starts of with an intresting storyline and then comes the gameplay, it would make a greater game if you made the character react a bit faster he goes so slow. plus it would be good if you could damage enemies whilst bouncing of there heads or something like that XD


not bad game but the dragon looks gay and like a dumb ass when he walks or flys new grounds needs more dragon games tho

Hey is polish game

I'm from Poland

widzicie jak to mo%u017Cliwe na angielskiej stronie jest gra po polsku
Ile tu jest polaków


I think it would be better if you could choose different keys, and make it where you could step on you're enemy's otherwise, cool game 4/5 6/10.