Reviews for "Drake And The Wizards"

Good game, could be better

The game is good, as is the art, but you have no attack in the water and that is a pain since the eels can ruin your day. Eildrim Shore 6 has me stumped because you can only fly a short time and you have to fly A LOT. And when swimming the dragon's nose sticks out like a big fat weak spot you can't avoid ramming into spikes or enemies. Maybe I'm missing a flight power up, but I searched every inch of Eildrim shores up to 6 and can't find it.

Frustating and Exhausting

After getting to Eldrim Woods 4, I was getting REALLY frustrated. This game has the stiffest controls ever and navigating the big bulbous dragon-kid was a pain in the arse. The flying sound got stuck and I kept hearing that annoying swooshing sound over and over again. My other beef with this game are the checkpoints. Every time I lose all my lives, the checkpoint takes me way back and I have to go through everything again. The flying is awful. The controls are slow. The only thing I liked was that you tried to make this a kid-friendly game. But with the horrid controls, kids will have a hard time concentrating on playing. Remember that games have to have good controls to make it enjoyable.

Note: Yeah, I know that I should stop playing this game, but it's SO frustrating that it makes me want to finish it. Please make a more enjoyable game next time, lartar.

lartar responds:

Hi, im really sorry that you have so many issues with the game, we will take a look on this problems and we promise that for our next ttle will have a fixed engine without those issues. =)

Makes me wish I was playing Super Mario bros.

I love the art and the story, but I can't get over the stiff controls. It feels so odd to have the character move at a set speed and stop as soon as you release the button, and the slight delay when jumping doesn't help either.

An amazing, unique game!

This game reminded me a lot of Mario, but it is quite unique. I loved that the main character was a dragon. The storyline was ok and the game was very entertaining. It wasn't very challenging at all, as the dragon coins weren't very hard to find and I always had plenty of lives, never feared a game over. Sometimes the game seemed a bit childish, but it was very fun. I didn't like the castle music very much, as it is too short; it's like the same sound is always repeating.

Excellent game!!

Dragons rule!!