Reviews for "Drake And The Wizards"

Pretty okay.

This game was way to easy, and the only difficulty comes from stiff controls. I do enjoy the amount of effort put into the graphics, and the charm of this game however.


I thought this was addicting. And the music was really good. Loved the optional control setup too! Shortly after playing this I'd walk around exactly like Drake though... Felt like a retard but was so happy about it! The Drake Walk shall be the next Caramelldansen!

Dragons Fire and Flight ~ Interesting.

Don't know what people are about stiff controls, I feel the controls are alright, have no problem with them. Find that the game is pretty easy though. However I got pretty annoyed with the music in Eldrim Woods, just got to the shores and thank god the music changed. Giving an 8 because of music, and that some levels are a little too long when they are just the same thing over and over again, so -2 points, but other than that awesome game, Nice art. Funny Character walk.

Ok wow

Holy crap this game is so bad,it reminds me of spyro except this is his retarted cousin..,it needs more moves and things to do,i know this game is probably for little kids,but even for them i bet it would get redundent, i think you should just make a better game i like the colours and the concept but its just not good.


very good job, other people are sadly rating terrible games way to high, so instead of my expected 9 i give 10 :>