Reviews for "Drake And The Wizards"

It's well made

It seems to be well made. However, it was hard for me to play because of the strange controls. Every time I wanted to jump my first instinct was to press the up button. I also found it very difficult to hit enemies with fire. However, the art in this game is very well done.

lartar responds:

I will take a look on this, thanks for the feedback.

It's flawless

But i have to agree with TehSir, I don't think many adults would like the game. Nothing wrong with that though :)

Nice but...

Just to chidy for me and mostly everybody on Newgrounds... But the rest of the game is just really fun and the graphics are flawless.

lartar responds:

That comment was common among players, so we are building a next game, using the game engine for this one, and we are going to release a nice game suitable for all ages in a few month. Thanks for your suggeston =)

Well done

A nice game. Professional, well planed, consistent and overall well done. Nicely presented

lartar responds:

Thanks for your comment, we love to see that the game likes to players.


I told you it would be frontpaged!!!!!!

lartar responds:

Thanks for the support. =)