Reviews for "Drake And The Wizards"


good game controls take some time to get used to, extra languages are very good

when you get past the castle area,(i guess it's a mario hommage) you get stuck at an area (grassy with 2 seperate blocks grass in the floor) i honestly have no idea how to get past it.

awesome but its a slowpoke

sorry but the game is too slow ! it keeps not following my commands ! plz fix this slow uncontrollable game ! which is - 2 points for that . so you would get a 10 but the bug makes you get 8 instead .

lartar responds:

We are taking all the suggestions for our next game. We are going to make all our features games with customizables controls. =) Take care


This was really fun to play if only because it was so dang cute! I loved seeing this silly little dragon go around and interact with the goofiness that was the world around him! It really brings a person back to his inner child. It was still fun to just fly around and collect all the coins and of course 100 would add up to an extra life for you. The best part was how lush the design was. While not the most creative, it was really cool to meet the weird enemies.

It can be difficult at times, especially when you are trying to fly. While you are good about staying in the air, it gets hard to fly any higher than when you jump. The cutscenes were a bit too weird, but no big deal. I like just plopping around this silly environment. It seems like this is something that would appear on a kid's educational site, not that that's bad.

lartar responds:

Im glad you like the game. Thanks for your comments. And as you said, the game was nice for kids, and we are making now a special version for an educational site.

nice game!

This is a very good game, nice job man!
I need a little help: can you tell me in what level I can find the flying powerup?
I think it's in world 3 but I don't find!!!
I have fire at level 3 but fly at level one only :(
Thank you!!!


At first I thought this was going to be a very easy game just to cut some time, but it wasn't as I expected. The difficulty of last level surprised me a lot, although I managed to beat it in 3rd try.
All in all, I loved the game! Overall it is probably a bit easier than other games of this type, mostly because I didn't have problems finding Dragon coins or other bonuses. But then again, maybe this game wasn't created for people as old as me (20). :P
Keep up the great job! I already visited your website for more games! :D

P. S. There is only one question that I have to ask (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT):
I managed to upgrade the flying skills so that I could fly without getting tired (and skills were upgraded to level 3). I managed to upgrade the fire skills to level 3, too, but I didn't get the skill to fire them as much as I can (without getting tired). So, my question is: is it possible to upgrade the fire skills the same way? If so, can you give me a hint and tell me at what level I can upgrade it?
I would be surprised if I missed it, but still, anything is possible. :)

lartar responds:

We love that you like the game.

About your question, well... we are going to release a fixed version for next week with some new features, so keep it tuned, and if you made trough the game until final world, you can see new powerups coming. ;)