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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"

Cool Game !!!

This Game Is Awesome !!!

Bounce Madness

The game overall was really well done, the platform seems to be working well, no bugs as far as i concern, i like how the obstacle being classic but not bring boring itself. the only concerns & bugging me is the lagg which the only issue i noticed from this game.

good job, LOVE the intro... 5/5, 9/10

loved it!

very addicting, many medals, just the game you'd like to play!


This is a good game,bro!

ots a o.k. game

the graphics and gameplay are pretty good but the controls are a huge pain in the rectum!

he always does this 'NES' infamous 2 more steps before standing still. you sometimes need to be almost at the edge of a platform to be able to reach the other side safe. and if you jump almost too soon you don't have enough "airtime" to be able to continue.

i find this gamebreaking because the lava seems to rise in exponential dimension and at some points you don't have a &(/%& chance to survive due of the surgon precision jumps you have to make just to be able to play.

so please make BOb a bit faster or give him a little bit more airtime for his jumps