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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"

Great game - secret medal hint please!

I've rated your game 5/5 10/10. I've unlocked every medal except one. So what is the secret medal? A hint, please? I love you <3

Intro was fantastic, medals were great, bonus mode was a quick alternative that was nice but got boring fast. Main game was good, except I don't like the early repetition (probably is good for new players though). I really like the graphics and how smooth everything is. The hitbox is really good too, I had some close calls (maybe 1 pixel away).

It gets extremely hard around 1000 or so. I can't remember the exact height that gets me every time, but there is a spot where there are two sets of ice blocks, the left one has a hedgehog, the right is a single block above another set of ice blocks with a caveman and hedgehog. You can barely fit underneath the single ice block to jump around on top of it in time before the lava appears... Oh well; I made it past once or twice. Also, the lava should hit for slightly less (maybe 4 hits with full health? That would be nice).

major glitch ruined it

my controls reversed on me

fortunacus responds:

can you PM me the detail of the bug please? thanks


Very funny!

Remember super nintendo's games


Despite the probably good intentions of the game: there is no end to it, so you just go on and on forever without knowing if you are about to accomplish something. Annoying. Also, this is another 1 mistake game, and that is incredulously annoying, because if you misjudge your jump even slightly, the magma just appears right below you, and of course it rises so fast that you get boosted to the highest platform and then just die. Annoying. 5 stars for making it.


It was a good game, but there were some problems to it. One is that it pretty repetitive if you kept failing because the stage was set up the exact same every time. And second was the metal head jetpack thingie screwed me up a lot. It would destroy the platform that allowed me to the next one and then I would land on the platform it gives you, with NO WAY to get to the next set of platforms. This made me sadpanda you don't know how many times =/