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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"

nicely done!

pretty fun little game. i do have to say the controls are a little sluggish but overall it is fun and challenging! good job

Lots of fun!

This game was great fun to play and not just because I could get a lot of medals easily (although that helped). The music was great and you just had no idea what was going to pop up next. There were so many different things to explore and look at. I love how gracefully Bob just glides across the blocks and sweeps away the enemies. It's even funny just to hear that sound he makes whenever he jumps. It was also nice to not having to die the first time you touched the lava, but gradually.


controls are a lilttle slugish/sticky but great concept


love this game! freaggin addictive im sure my sunday will be spent on this!!!

character anywhere

because it moves the character anywhere