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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"

Hurry up! With this review.... :)

This game is very unique, I got decently far with this game :D

bugs and glitchs: None so far...

Likes: 8-bit, Music fits in (Give it a little bit :)), challenging, the animation was good, All of the power-ups feel useful, enimes ( don't know how to spell that word :3) doesn't get old, and sometimes a unexpected moment.... That will ultimately kill you

Dislikes: The pick-Axe needs a little more reach

personal note: Again this game feels special in its own kinda way, I'm not expecting any sequel for this type of game, If there ever was a sequel for this i'll try it :), and have a wonderful day :)

Good Game

It was a good fun game, with some really nice graphics but there was one major flaw. I noticed that the movement keys were very buggy, so I would jump, and sometimes it would continue to jump even after I let go, same goes for directional keys. Something to check out.


So good and so frustrating! I absolutely love it :D

Great game

I thought it was a great game and it is sort of familiar....


my arm hurts after some major tensing from some really intense moments =/