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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"


most of the time when I try to move left or right, it forces a jump for no reason, try to attack with space and I move left or right. Might need to fix these.


i was playing this game 5 hours !! good work !


On my first try I got almost to 1000m, but some parts are just impossible without the hourglass :( For example a 2 block platform with 2 hedgehogs is impossible to pass without getting hurt.

I think the controls are just right, graphics are smooth and above all, the music is just awesome :D

Well done!

the controls are kind of stiff

the controls just dont feel right right. It's hard to control the guy. Bad controls is never acceptable in a modern platformer.

I really hope the bad controls wasn't your idea of adding difficulty to the game. See "meat boy" for how to do platformer difficulty right.

fortunacus responds:

the control changed easier now

Love the controls

The conrols made it a fun game and the music made it a better experience i couldnt stop bobbing while playing GREAT GAME!!!