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Reviews for "Spirit Stars - "Darn Dog""

She's right, the best way is to play it.

And as for the dog, that was a bit of an underkill, but still quite enjoyable. As for Wesker, you do not mess with Wesker, you run and don't stop running for he will find you. . . Eventually.

haha that rock!!!

that what i allways wanted to do :D

hey wait one darn sec

i can't shoot that dog in duck hunt or hack i can't so i try the cheat code in the flash and still can't shoot the DOG SO WHY DO YOU SHOW PEOPLE THAT YOU CAN SHOOT THE DA#N DOG ugh im running out of words to say wait here's one don't make mean stuff about duck hunt and last but not least i Like THE DOG


first my initial reaction was o.o and no not from the giggle effect. but then after I saw the ending I think it would have to be more of (0.0)
very nice, I like your work

The Headet

lol the head set at the end EVGN prooved all you gotta do is yell, "F***!!"
haha but this was good quality and shows all our anger for that dog well