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Reviews for "Spirit Stars - "Darn Dog""

Hard to pin down

I didn't see anything special in this when I watched it last night, but for some reason it stayed with me through most of today and made me come back for a second run-through tonight. I can't exactly say why, there's nothing in here particularly original... Perhaps it's the artwork more than the comedy. Each of the four characters have very iconic looks, and I can see them sticking around for a while.

so epic

wow you put wesker at the end that is so epic. you cant hide forever.

I hate him.

Damn you Wesker haha.


I found most of the cartoon to be rather unenter----......I just saw that second ending....HA! OK, everyone wait until after the credits! It pays off!

Anyway, once one survives the first minute and 30 seconds, I found the ending to be so over the top and crazy I couldn't help but snicker as she blasted the dog with the gun, the wii remotes, and finally bombed him with the mega NES cheat. At long last, that dang dog got what he deserved! I also just realized at the redhead's saying "Hey!" That she's actually supposed to be Navi. That's a really fun touch.
I also find that you're very balanced in both simple drawing and avatar artwork; that's a really good aspect for multi-media animators. I'd love to see more!

The drawing is good

The drawing is good, but it lacks humor.