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Reviews for "Spirit Stars - "Darn Dog""

I think I'm in love...

Gawd the gamer red head girl got's talent,I mean pistol,wii remote some sort of bazooka from unreal tournament and a PS controller(I think it is),Black girl is badass with teh sword(after the credits),The Quick to cry girl's cute(Gawd maybe a bit too cute)The brown girl is good with words,damn can't decide who is the better one >:( ,though I tried shooting the dog nothing happens though(I still have the game,I'm a true gamer,but no one cares),damn it,ya can't shoot wesker!!!!if ya throw a knife while he's distracted then you can deal damage,(watch RE Afterlife :3)wait why did'nt the red haired girl use the kill combo she did to the dog to wesker?wesker can't dodge that wide radius explosion.BTW nice ending credits dance number,EPIC WIN!!!(Rina-chan's the red-haired girl,I think)oh yeah where can I find Goddess of war,and the GTA(girl version)?It seems nice.LOL this is my longest comment so far :Ddon't worry I gave this a five,don't worry Gamer's honor.


You clever dog you.


loved the matriz part

That was....EPIC!!!

This is to good for words i bow down to your awesomeness and creativity!


the end was weird haha