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Reviews for "Spirit Stars - "Darn Dog""

Nice take

It maybe be an old theme (to shoot the duck hunt dog, as one reviewer said), but I like your drawing/animation style, the girls voice acting was excellent, and the extreme awesomeness of the dog overkill.

Good to relive my old nes days with duckhunt.

The graphics are pretty simple but the animation style feels refreshing.
There are only a few problems with this cartoon.
The dynamic of the group feels excelent, while the joke itself seems repetetive ( shooting duckhunt dog has been done before ;) ). I mean I thought the credits and after credits scene was better than the cartoon itself. Still overall done good job. ( Wazzup with red haired girl nose sticking up though? )

Also you simply cant use populair quotes of popular characters and do em in a voice with worse quality voice acting. It doesnt matter if a voice actor sounds different than the original but essence needs to be the same or better. If a person cant say the rrrrright to be ggod with great feeling of self exteem, its just gonna sound real plain.

But like i said overall good job, good scipt, decent work on animation, good gang of female voice actors and nice character dynamics.
( Next time i demand fan service though )


Average at best.

Nice looks, bad sence.

Good animation, weak content thogh.

I could've been worse...

I could be worse, It they could've been playing, "Wild Gunman" and/or "Hogan's alley" Look those two nes shooter up...