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Reviews for "Spirit Stars - "Darn Dog""

The Laughing Dog, The Smoking Gun.

First words out of my mouth: F-ING AWESOME!

Videogames are one of my greatest passions and you hit the nail on the head. Using the dog from DUCK HUNT is like playing a vintage record, it must be done carefully. With great variance in characters and the ability to immediately give a pronounced hatred for that dog was amazing.

Flashbacks in old-school gamers are bound to happen with that 8-bit monstrosity giving out that high-pitched synthesized shriek from hell. also giving entertainment through the credits and right down to the last moment makes this flashvid an instantaneous success! As well as adding the old controllers form the SNES (bazooka) and the cheat code (along with other hints to their wealth of knowledge of games) will click with any gamer that is worth calling one.

with the voice acting in sync with the characters and the style of animation would be able to produce a foundation for a franchise.

in summary:
Masterful, Worth the load time wait, if you love VG's you'll love this, and it does justice to gamers everywhere as well as keeping the reverence for the foundation of gaming. I hope to see more soon.



This was very enjoyable to watch. Great job on the animations and the voice work. I especially enjoyed the extra ending xD

Very enjoyable

Having grown up with Duck Hunt on the NES, I can definately empathise with the rage...

Likeable characters, despite the cliches (the cliches make them more endearing, maybe?), great animation and terrific voice acting.

I think the only thing that I was 100% happy with was the scene with the peace-loving girl (sorry, name escapes me). I thought it was a bit drawn out, especially compared to the length of the other girls' scenes.

Otherwise, awesome.

Would definitely be a fan of future works.

friggan awsome!

i was laughing my ass off great work!!!


im giving u a 10 just cause it was that awsome XDXDXDXD